The Walk Mall Is The First Mall In New Capital To Own Brands


By owing global and local franchise brands, Constructa guarantees a profitable business experience for investors by securing a constantly increasing rent in addition to a strong project management company to manage all operations after opening.


Construction update for The Walk:

Being the first mall in the new capital, constructa is keen to be among the first developers to break ground at the beginning of the year. Despite the global circumstance that slowed everything down, the work in the mall’s construction site has been around the clock with the concrete work currently ongoing.

License and permits:

To guarantee a safe investment, the new capital management issued an official letter stating that no developer is allowed to start marketing and sales activities without obtaining the proper approvals and license, which Constructa has already achieved.

Eng. Bahgat Sabry, Constructa Chairman stressed how important it is for investors to make sure about the presence of a strong project management company to supervise the mall operation. Sabry added that one of the strongest advantages is that Cosntructa owns franchise brands that guarantee an increasing rent for investors and an overall profitable business experience.  

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