Constructa Official Sponsor for SUA Judo Academy.


Constructa Signed to be the official sponsor of SUA Judo academy lead by Coach Bassel El Gharabawy, Egyptian Judo legend. On this occasion, the company organized a sports event to award Judo champions of all ages, winners of previous tournaments. The event was attended by the players of the academy and their parents in addition to invitees as well as Constructa management and karate and judo coaches.

Engineer Bahgat Sabry, Constructa’s Chairman expressed his happiness about this sponsorship and stated that it is not news for Cosntructa to contribute in various social, artistic and sports events that enrich the Egyptian society. He also promised to organize more judo tournaments, making 2019 a full year for the sport.

Cosntructa’s sponsorship of SUA coincides with the launch of the Walk, the first commercial, administrative and medical mall in the new capital, making Constructa an active contributor in the development of Egypt’s modern economy.

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